Alfonso Bribiesca Espinosa

Alfonso Bribiesca

Full Stack Software Developer


Oct 2021 - Present day (~1 year) | Remote

Software Developer


I work remotely as a Full Stack Software Developer for Ark a blockchain solutions company working on his different open source and propetary software products with technologies like Laravel, Alpine.js and React.

May 2018 - Oct 2021 (~2 years) | Remote

Software Developer


I worked remotely as a Full Stack Software Developer for Surgio a CRM designed for Hospitals where over time I help to increase the user experience by completely renovate the frontend with all kind of custom Vue components, improve the overall frontend workflow, implement even more features in the backend and work with the team to standardize the full application codebase.

Feb 2009 - Present day (11 years) | Mexico City

Founder & Developer


I created the brand Vexilo in which name I developed more than 50 successful websites and web applications for all kinds of companies of all sizes in Mexico.

Aug 2007 - Jan 2009 (2 years) | Mexico City

Software developer

Ingenia Agency

I worked for Ingenia Agency, one of the top digital agencies in Mexico City, where I developed many successful websites, e-commerce, and web applications for some of the important companies in Mexico City, like Brother Mexico, Coca-Cola, Megacable, etc.

Open Source & Personal Projects

Vue Tailwind

VueTailwind is a library of Vue components with fully configurable theme classes that don't depend on any CSS frameworks but are by default styled with TailwindCSS. is a tool that allows nonprofit organizations to create a website to share their work, receive monthly financial contributions, and keep in touch with people who support them.

Laravel/Node Spreadsheet importer

Laravel Package & npm cli tool that works together to read in seconds big spreadsheet files that are impossible to process into a typical PHP app (or consumes a lot of memory & time).


Explore my Github profile for other open source tools and experiments like this minesweeper clone or this movies search engine.



Online Courses & Self Learning

I'm used to taking all kinds of online courses as my primary source of new knowledge. Some of my favorites include:

  • PHP, Vue, Laravel, & TDD Courses at Laracasts
  • Refactoring UI by Adam Wathan & Steve Schoger
  • Test-Driven Laravel & Refactoring to Collections by Adam Wathan
  • ES6 for Everyone & React for beginners by Wesbos
  • Complete Guide to Elasticsearch by Bo Andersen (Udemy)
  • Docker and Kubernetes: The Complete Guide by Stephen Grider (Udemy)
  • React - The Complete Guide & Understanding TypeScript - 2020 from Maximilian Schwarzmüller
Feb 2014 - Ene 2018 (2 years) | Mexico City

Systems Engineering Degree

La Salle University

I studied Systems Engineering at La Salle University, one of the most recognized private universities in Mexico, where I got my degree by a meritorious average and achieved one of the highest grades of my generation.

Skills & Knowledge

Im an expert in:

I have extensive knowledge of the technology, a portfolio, and enough experience to consider myself an expert and even teach others.

Frameworks & Tools

  • Laravel
  • VueJs
  • Alpine.js
  • NuxtJS
  • Vuex
  • Tailwind
  • Bootstrap

Programmatic Languages

  • PHP
  • SQL
  • JS
  • TypeScript

Other Techs & Metodologies

  • MySQL/PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • TDD
  • Restful APIs
  • Mocha & Test
  • Scrum
  • CI
  • Sass/Less/Stylus
  • Webpack
  • Linux Servers

I have strong knowledge:

Most of my portfolio are personal projects or experiments, however I feel prepared to take any type of project with this technology.

Frameworks & Tools

  • React
  • Redux
  • Next.js
  • Gridsome

Techs & Metodologies

  • GraphQL
  • Docker
  • Elastic Search
  • AWS
  • Apache Cordova


  • Autodidact
  • Responsible
  • Proactive
  • Honest
  • Passionate

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  • Runner
  • Triathlon Amateur
  • Bookworm
  • Entrepreneurship